You're a bad girl, more dangerous than a loaded gun. (2023)

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Lyrics and Translation (You're A) Bad Girl
You made me sad little thing You know you're just a happy girl You know you made me so mad now baby you're just a bad girl I'm sad, and I'm sad, so sad now . You're just a happy time, a happy time girl. You know you got me mad baby You're just a bad girl. You know you told me baby

6LACK - Loaded Gun Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
It's kinda my fault, I guess I showed you something. No shit, I treat my cock like a loaded gun. Aim that shit off these hoes, blow or come No disrespect when I say if you love me you better fuck me. Like losing your place to the girl next door. And hell no, I don't want her, I'm just giving you an incentive.

Songtext von Royal Deluxe - Dangerous
I'm dangerous, so dangerous that I'm dangerous, so dangerous that I'm dangerous! Get ready because here I come. I'll be right there and get some heat like a smoking gun. So get ready because here I come. What are you going to do? I'll shake you, what will you do? I'll shake you, what will you do? i will shake you

Songtext von Fuse ODG - Dangerous Love
Girl, you're dangerous as a gun. Don't give them fewer girls, you kill them all. Your love is a killer Your love is a killer Hey, look at you in that dress. Girl, you're dangerous as a gun. Don't give them less You kill them all Your love is a killer Your love is a killer

(Video) Big Sean - Light ft. Jeremih (Official Music Video)

Kardinal Offishall - Dangerous lyrics and translation of the song.
This girl is so dangerous. This girl is so dangerous. This girl is a bad girl. I've seen her type before. She's so dangerous Right I saw her go down girl I want it right now I don't wanna talk

Lizzo - The truth hurts
AZLyrics L Lizzo Songtext: „Cuz I Love You“ (2019) Weil ich dich wie ein Mädchen liebe Juice Soulmate Jerome Crybaby Tempo Exactly How I Feel Best In Color Heaven Help Me Lingerie Boys Truth Hurts Water Me You May Also Like

Lyrics of Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine
And treat tonight like it's gonna happen again. You're gonna be my fucking valentine tonight. I can't hide how I feel about you inside. I would drop everything tonight If only I could have you, be mine. Be mine baby I can't hide (I can't hide these feelings, no) How I feel about you inside (I can't hide these feelings)

Songtext von Lana Del Rey - Playing Dangerous
I've been bad, I've been bad Playing a dangerous game I'm in love, I'm in love Loving hurricane, hurricane, hurricane If you can't take the heat Then stay away from the fire You could get what you want Boy, love is weird Sometimes power it maddens you It may burn or shatter if you can't stand the heat then stay away from the fire

The Rolling Stones - Lyrics and Translation by Too Rude.
Girl you're too mean, girl you're too rude Every man I speak to says he loves you. Oh yeah! Mm-mm Everywhere Every man has a picture of your face Hey little girl can't you see? That's a damn shame. Say he loves you, girl, you're too mean, girl, you're too rude

Machine Gun Kelly - RAP DEVIL (Eminem Diss) Lyrics
It's a quick way when your idols become your rivals, yes. Never hesitate to say it to your face. i am a bastard Oh my god, Ronny, fuck Kells. Your sweater, I wish you lost yourself in the notes you made a decade ago, they were better

Usher - Bad Girl lyrics and translation of the song.
Bad girl, yeah (if you're a bad girl) I got a mil on the bar, now chick needs a shot to the floor, now look at the bad girls moving it Grimacing while they do Ah, I want to take one to the bathroom so close i smell like your perfume if you a naughty girl catch me naughty girl ooh let me work baby tremble just the way i like it

(Video) M.I.A. - "Bad Girls" (Official Video)

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Lyrics and Translation of the song.
"Bad Romance" debuted at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Lady Gaga's highest-charting debut song at the time. The music video for this song premiered on November 10, 2009. It received universal acclaim from critics and fans alike, becoming the most viewed video in YouTube history in 2010.

Lyrics and Translation of Boyzone - Loaded Gun.
you better kiss every scar take what you can and run oh your love is a loaded gun baby i'm too blind yeah maybe i can't make up my mind yeah everytime i get hit i say maybe i should stop now save me a lot of shit right now but i like pain oh your love is like a loaded gun take what you can and run (girl you are...

Lyrics of Johnny Drille - Bad Dancer
that you are beautiful and heavenly baby you are my song i hope the music never stops girl i beg you baby love me now baby love me my baby love me now we don't have eternity (love me now) please be my Iyawo mi yeah (love me now)

Lyrics of Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman
AZLyrics An Ariana Grande Lyrics Album: „Dangerous Woman“ (2016) Moonlight Dangerous Woman Be Alright Into You Side to Side Let Me Love You Greedy Leave Me Lonely Everyday Manchmal ist es mir egal Schlechte Entscheidungen Touch It I Knew Better / Forever Boy Thinkin ' Bout You Focus Step On Up Jason's Song (Gave It Away) könnte dir auch gefallen

Bad Company - Dangerous Era lyrics
Young lady found her stage, look out you're at a dangerous age Headlines, front page, ooh girl, you're at a dangerous age I don't understand She wants to get high, yeah she's a star, she got it all planned , oh yeah the young lady He's found his stage, beware he's at a dangerous age

Slaughter - Loaded Gun Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
AZLyrics S Slaughter Albums: "Stick It To Ya" (1990) Eye to eye Burning bridges all night Spend my life thinking about June, she wants more, fly to the angels, crazy about you, eso no es suficiente Tú eres el que me dio tu Heart Desperately Loaded Gun Fly To The Angels (Acoustic Version) Wingin' It

Bon Jovi - You give love a bad name
A school boy's dream, you act so shy Your first kiss was your first kiss goodbye Oh oh you're a loaded gun Oh oh there's no way out No one can save me The damage is done Shot through the heart And you have the blame you give Love a bad name (bad name) I do my part And you play your game You give love a bad name (bad name) You give love

(Video) Whitney Houston - All The Man That I Need (Live at HBO's Welcome Home Heroes, 1991)

Juice WRLD - Robbery Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
The last time I saw you, everything ended in a blur. Woke up in a hearse. You said, "You loved me first." (First) One thing my daddy said to me was, "Never tell your wife if you're unsure." I applied Gucci to the skin and rested my wrist on the iceberg. One thing my heart tells me is, "Bend over if they're unsure." I guess you pulled it off, I'm...

Lyrics by Michael Jackson - Dangerous
I knew the way she entered the place back then. There was something different about this girl. The way she moved. Her hair, her face, her lines. divinity in motion. As I paced the room I could feel the aura of her presence. All heads turned with passion and lust. The girl was convincing

Tyler, The Creator - A BOY IS A GUN lyrics and translation of the song.
You're so damn dangerous (You started with a simple hello) You're so damn dangerous as fuck We show no There's respect (You started with a simple hello) When the time comes, yeah When the time comes, baby

Lyrics by Halsey - Girl Is A Gun
I feel lighter in the waist, with no hands around me, no spitting on my teeth, no I'm not your dream, I won't stop your baby 'cause you're killing my vibe It's a shot in the dark I'm not a walk in the dark Park I walk away loaded with security This girl is a gun

James Arthur - Medicine Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
Text by James Arthur. "Medicine". You're my bulletproof vest when the going gets tough. Always make me feel blessed, you are my guardian angel. You are, you are, you are. Yes you are, you are, you are. You lay your body on mine when they take aim. You're the pin in my heart, it's a hand grenade. You are, you are, you are.

Eminem - Criminal Lyrics
I drink more liquor To fuck you faster than you want to fuck me for saying the word My morale went...when the president got oral sex on his desk in his oval office By his own employee Not now Don't ignore me You Won't avoid me You can't miss me I'm white blonde and my nose is pointy I'm the bad guy who makes fun of me

The Beatles - Happiness is a hot weapon
Happiness Is A Warm Gun lyrics The Beatles lyrics "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" A window pane The man in the crowd with the colored mirrors On his spiked boots Lies with his eyes while his hands are busy

(Video) Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman (Lyrics)

Lana Del Rey - Dangerous Girl Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
(You're my hero, hero) Let me be your dangerous girl Let me be your dangerous girl Let me be your dangerous girl Let me be your dangerous girl Me and my baby plan for world domination Together we take over our righteous nation 'cause we were born To kill to keep it fresh Gold chain, white net Fame is the name of the game Yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Cady Groves - This Little Girl lyrics and translation of the song.
Because you left without asking me to go. But when I've followed you home, I hope you're alone. I'm three steps from the edge, woah Don't push me. You don't know, you don't know. Any girl is capable of murder if hurt. Be careful, don't push me further, further away. You're not the only one walking around with a load...

Lyrics of Danity Kane - Bad Girl
I know I've got something you'll like (Don't be afraid I won't let you down) I'm the one to make you cum I'm just a bad girl Maybe I'm just a bad girl Maybe I'm just a bad girl Girl, bad girl I can be your addiction if you want to make out with me

Songtext von RuPaul - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
You really are a villain. You are as cute as a cactus. You're as charming as an eel. Mr. Grinch! You're a mean banana with a greasy black skin! You are a monster, Mr. Grinch! Your heart is an empty hole Your brain is full of spiders You've got garlic in your soul Mr. Grinch! I wouldn't put a thirty-nine and a half foot pole on you! you're nasty...

Daya - Chica-Mala
Bad girl I need a bad girl I need a bad girl 'cause bad boys just don't A bad girl 'cause bad boys They're just no good We're always up to no good Doing what they'd like to do I said bad Girl I need a bad girl I need...

Glee Cast - Lyrics and Translation of You Give Love A Bad Name.
Whoa-oh, you're a loaded gun ([Clint:] Yeah!) Whoa-oh, there's no way out Nobody can save me The damage is already done Shot through the heart And it's your fault You give love a bad name ([Vocal Adrenaline Girls:] bad name) I do my part and you play your game you give love a bad name ([Vocal Adrenaline Girls:] bad name)

Songtext von Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman Lyrics
The taste of the taste 'cause I'm a drinker. Because I'm a giver, that's just nature. I live for danger Everything you got, skin to skin, oh my god. don't stop boy Something about you makes me feel like a dangerous woman. Something about, something about, something about you. It makes me want to do things I shouldn't be doing.

(Video) Juice WRLD - Armed & Dangerous (Directed by Cole Bennett)

Lyrics by Nate Dogg - Bad Girls
Gotta make this bad girl mine, why? She likes to play all night She knows how to move right She better slow down before she walks past me Tonight I'll show her tonight I won't let her go tonight Watch her shake it, my-my-my , Nate The bad girl ain't platinum, she's a diamond to me He's got a car door that opens ninety degrees.

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