Serie A matches: Full schedule, dates, times, TV and streaming for all 2022/23 matches in Italy's top division (2023)

AC Milan won in 2021/22 in a thrilling Serie A Scudetto run, one of the hottest and most entertaining title races among Europe's top leagues last season. The Italian top flight will be back in action with plenty of games to be won and another tough fight for the championship title is expected.

The first day of the 2022/23 Serie A season will beSunday, August 14when all 20 clubs are in action. There will befour game days a weekplayed to fit in the full season through May 28th and still account for the one-month break for the World Cup:

  • Wednesday, August 31st
  • Wednesday, November 9th
  • Wednesday, January 4th
  • Wednesday, May 3

The finals before thatthe world cup breaktakes place on the 12th and 13th of November and then the teams return to the fieldWednesday, January 4th, skipping the holiday season.

(Video) Roma-Empoli 2-0 | Abraham header helps Roma to home win: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

Two more to go before the seven-week World Cup breakinternational FIFA game windowbetween 09/19-27/2022 and 03/20-28/2023.

All Serie A games were released with no start time. As broadcasters fill their schedules, games will inevitably be split into time slots throughout each weekend. Schedule updates are reflected in the list below.

Serie A TV Channels Live Streams

United KingdomUSAYou haveAustralia
television channelbt sportsCBS sports networkbe into sports
Flowbt sportsExcellent+fuboTVbe into sports

UNITED KINGDOM:Serie A matches will be broadcast on BT Sport's streaming and TV platforms.

(Video) Spezia-Napoli 0-3 | Osimhen scores twice in Napoli away win: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

USA:All Serie A games can be streamed on the subscription-based streaming platform Paramount+. Select games will air on the CBS Sports Network, which is also available for streamingfuboTV.

You have:Every Serie A gamelive and on-demand broadcasts exclusively via fuboTV. Until June 30thfuboTV has a special subscription offerfor new subscribers who want to secure Premier League and Serie A coverage for the 2022/23 season.

Australia:Fans in Australia can stream matches live and on demand on beIN Sports.

(Video) Juventus-Monza 0-2 | Monza do the season double over Juve! Goals & Highlights | Serie A 22/23

Complete Serie A match schedule for the 2022/23 season

Matchday 1: Sunday, August 14, 2022

  • Inter x Lecce
  • Juve vs. sassuolo
  • Florence vs Cremona
  • Milan x Udinese
  • Samdoria x Atalanta
  • Salerno x Rom
  • Lazio vs. bologna
  • Spice for Empoli
  • Hellas Verona x Naples
  • Monza x Turim

Day 2: Sunday, August 28

  • Inter x Spice
  • Turim vs. Largo
  • Bologna vs Hellas Verona
  • Neapel x Monza
  • Atalanta x Milan
  • Udinese vs. Salernitana
  • Sassuolo vs. Lecce
  • Samdoria x Juventus
  • Rom against Cremona
  • Empoli vs. florentine

Day 3: Sunday, August 28

  • Greece Verona vs Atalanta
  • Lazio vs Inter
  • Spice for Sassuolo
  • Lece vs. Empoli
  • Juve x Rom
  • Cremonese vs. I'm burning
  • Salerno x Samdoria
  • Milan vs Bologna
  • Monza vs. Udinese
  • Florence vs Naples

Matchday 4: Wednesday, August 31st

  • Empoli x Hellas Verona
  • Atalanta x Turim
  • Samdoria vs. wide
  • Inter x Cremona
  • Sassuolo x AC Milan
  • Roma x Monza
  • Juve x Tempero
  • Bologna vs. Salernian
  • Udinese x Florentinos
  • Naples vs. Lecce

Day 5: Sunday, 4.9

  • Monza x Atalanta
  • Salerno vs. Empoli
  • Spices x Bologna
  • Lazio vs. Naples
  • Udinese x Rom
  • Turin x Lecce
  • Cremones vs. sassuolo
  • Hellas Verona x Samdoria
  • Fiorentina x Juventus
  • Milan x Inter

Day 6: Sunday, September 11th

  • Sassuolo vs. Udinese
  • Bologna vs Fiorentina
  • Atalanta x Cremona
  • Lazio x Hellas Verona
  • Inter x Torino
  • Lece vs. Monza
  • Empoli x Rom
  • Juve vs. Salernitana
  • Samdoria x AC Milan
  • Napoli x Tempero

7th day: Sunday, 18.09

  • Bologna vs. Empoli
  • Turim vs. sassuolo
  • Fiorentina x Hellas Verona
  • Milan x Naples
  • Spice x Samdoria
  • Udinese x Inter
  • Salerno vs. Lecce
  • Roma x Atalanta
  • Monza x Juventus
  • Cremones vs. Largo

8th day: Sunday, 10:10 am

  • Juve v Bologna
  • Inter x Roma
  • Sassuolo vs. Salernitana
  • Empoli x AC Mailand
  • Atalanta vs. Florenz
  • Lazio vs. Seasoning
  • Hellas Verona x Torino
  • Samdória x Monza

Day 9: Sunday, 9:10 am

  • Udinese vs. Atalanta
  • Monza vs Tempero
  • rome vs. Lecce
  • AC Mailand vs. Juventus
  • Salerno vs. Hella Verona
  • Bologna vs Samdoria
  • cremons vs. Naples
  • Turim vs. Empoli
  • Sassuolo vs. Inter
  • Florence vs. wide

Day 10: Sunday, 4:10 pm

  • Lazio vs. Udinese
  • Hellas Verona x Milan
  • Naples vs. bologna
  • Spice vs. Cremona
  • Empoli vs. Monza
  • Samdoria x Roma
  • Inter vs. Salernitana
  • Lece vs. florentino
  • Turim x Juventus
  • Atalanta vs. sassuolo

11th round: Sunday, 23:10

  • Milan x Monza
  • Cremones vs. Samdoria
  • Atalanta vs. Largo
  • rome vs naples
  • Salerno x Tempero
  • Fiorentina x Inter
  • Sassuolo vs. Hella Verona
  • Bologna vs. Lecce
  • Juve vs. Empoli
  • Udinese x Turim

12th day: Sunday, 30:10

  • Turim x AC Milan
  • Hellas Verona x Roma
  • Monza vs Bologna
  • Cremones vs. Udinese
  • Spice vs. florentino
  • Lece vs. Juventus
  • Lazio vs. Salernitana
  • Empoli vs. Atalanta
  • Naples vs. sassuolo
  • Inter x Samdoria

Day 13: Sunday, November 6

  • Samdoria vs Florence
  • Udinese vs. Lecce
  • Roma vs. Largo
  • Atalanta vs Napoli
  • AC Milan vs Tempero
  • Bologna vs Turin
  • Empoli vs. sassuolo
  • Salerno x Cremona
  • Juve x Inter
  • Monza x Hellas Verona

Matchday 14: Wednesday, November 9

  • We have x Sampdoria
  • Florence vs. Salernian
  • Lazio vs. monza
  • Inter vs Bologna
  • Hellas Verona x Juventus
  • Neapel vs. Empoli
  • Cremones vs. AC Mailand
  • Spice for Udinese
  • Sassuolo vs. ROM
  • Lece vs. Atalanta

Day 15: Sunday, November 13th

  • Empoli vs. cremona
  • Atalanta x Inter
  • Roma x Turim
  • Bologna vs. sassuolo
  • Milan x AC Fiorentina
  • Monza vs. Salernitana
  • Juve vs. Wide
  • Samdoria vs. Lecce
  • Hellas Verona x Spezia
  • Naples vs. Udinese

Matchday 16: Wednesday, January 4

  • Roma vs Bologna
  • Turim x Hellas Verona
  • Fiorentina x Monza
  • Spice x Atalanta
  • Udinese vs. Empoli
  • Inter x Napoli
  • Salerno x AC Mailand
  • Lece vs. Long
  • Cremones vs. Juventus
  • Sassuolo vs. Samdoria

Day 17: Sunday, January 8

  • Samdoria x No campo
  • Salerno x Turim
  • Hellas Verona x Cremona
  • Monza x Inter
  • Juve vs. Udinese
  • Bologna vs Atalanta
  • Spice for Lecce
  • Milan x Roma
  • Lazio vs. Empoli
  • Florence vs Sassuolo

Day 18: Sunday, January 15

  • Inter x Hellas Verona
  • Lecce x Milan
  • Neapel vs. Juventus
  • Sassuolo vs. Wide
  • Rome x Fiorentina
  • Atalanta vs. Salernitana
  • Empoli vs. Samdoria
  • Cremones vs. Monza
  • Turin vs. Seasoning
  • Udinese vs. bologna

Day 19: Sunday, January 22

  • Juve vs. Atalanta
  • Samdoria x Udinese
  • Spice vs Roma
  • Inter vs. Empoli
  • Monza vs. sassuolo
  • Florence vs Turin
  • Lazio vs. AC Milan
  • Bologna vs Cremona
  • Salerno vs. Naples
  • Hellas Verona vs. Lecce

Day 20: Sunday, 29.01

  • Udinese x Hella Verona
  • naples vs rome
  • Atalanta x Samdoria
  • Empoli vs. Turim
  • Lazio vs. Florentine
  • AC Milan v Sassuolo
  • Cremones vs. Inter
  • Bologna vs. seasoning
  • Juventus x Monza
  • Law vs. Salernitana

Matchday 21: Sunday, February 5

  • Spice vs Napoli
  • Cremones vs. Lecce
  • Inter x Milan
  • Monza x Sampdoria
  • We have x Udinese
  • Hellas Verona x Lazio Roma
  • Sassuolo vs. Atalanta
  • Florence vs Bologna
  • Salerno x Juventus
  • Rom vs. Empoli

Matchday 22: Sunday, February 12

  • Naples vs. cremone
  • Lece vs. RUM
  • Hellas Verona vs. Salernitana
  • Samdória x Inter
  • Milan x Turin
  • Bologna vs Monza
  • Udinese vs. sassuolo
  • Lazio vs. Atalanta
  • Juventus x Fiorentina
  • Empoli vs tempera

Matchday 23: Sunday, February 19

  • Inter x Udinese
  • Florence vs Empoli
  • Samdoria vs Bologna
  • Salerno vs. Largo
  • Roma x Hellas Verona
  • Sassuolo vs. Naples
  • Spice x Juventus
  • Monza x Milan
  • Turim x Cremona
  • Atalanta vs. Lecce

Matchday 24: Sunday, February 26

  • Cremones vs. ROM
  • Law vs. sassuolo
  • Lazio vs. Samdoria
  • Bologna vs Inter
  • Salerno x Monza
  • Udinese vs. Seasoning
  • Milan x Atalanta
  • Juventus x Turin
  • Hellas Verona x Fiorentina
  • Empoli vs. pineapple

Day 25: Sunday, March 5

  • Atalanta vs. Udinese
  • Fiorentina x Milan
  • Turin vs Bologna
  • Rom x Juventus
  • Sassuolo vs. cremona
  • Spice x Hellas Verona
  • Inter x Lecce
  • Monza vs. Empoli
  • Samdória vs. Salernitana
  • Naples vs. Long

Day 26: Sunday, March 12

  • AC Mailand vs. Salernitana
  • Cremones vs. florentino
  • Napoli vs Atalanta
  • Spice x Inter
  • Bologna vs. wide
  • Hellas Verona x Monza
  • rome vs. sassuolo
  • Lecce x Turin
  • Empoli vs. Udinese
  • Juve vs Samdoria

Day 27: Sunday, March 19

  • Inter x Juventus
  • Turim x Neapel
  • Sassuolo vs. Temper
  • Lazio vs. rom
  • Salerno vs Bologna
  • Florence vs Lecce
  • Monza x Cremona
  • Udinese x Milan
  • Samdoria x Hella Verona
  • Atalanta vs. Empoli

Matchday 28: Sunday, April 2

  • Cremones vs. Atalanta
  • Roma vs Samdoria
  • Empoli vs. Lecce
  • Inter x Fiorentina
  • Juventus x Hellas Verona
  • Monza vs. Largo
  • Sassuolo vs. Turim
  • Spice vs Salernitana
  • Bologna vs. Udinese
  • Napoli x AC Mailand

Matchday 29: Sunday, April 8

  • Samdoria x Cremona
  • Lece vs. Naples
  • Atalanta v Bologna
  • Salerno x Inter
  • Turim x Roma
  • Hellas Verona vs. sassuolo
  • Florence x Spices
  • AC Mailand x Empoli
  • Udinese vs. Monza
  • Lazio vs. Juventus

Matchday 30: Sunday, April 16

  • Cremones vs. Empoli
  • Lece vs. Samdoria
  • Florence vs. Atalanta
  • Inter x Monza
  • Turim vs. Salernitana
  • Naples x Hellas Verona
  • Sassuolo vs. Juventus
  • Rom x Udinese
  • Spice vs Largo
  • Bologna vs Milan

Matchday 31: Sunday, April 23

  • Milan x Lecce
  • Juve vs. pineapple
  • Lazio vs. Turin
  • Atalanta x Roma
  • Hellas Verona vs Bologna
  • Monza x Fiorentina
  • Samdoria vs. Seasoning
  • Empoli x Inter
  • Salerno vs. sassuolo
  • Udinese vs. cremona

Matchday 32: Sunday, April 30

  • Cremones vs. Hella Verona
  • Lece vs. Udinese
  • Florence vs Samdoria
  • Naples vs. salernitana
  • Spice against Monza
  • Sassuolo vs. Empoli
  • Inter vs Lazio
  • Roma x AC Mailand
  • We have x Atalanta
  • Bologna vs Juventus

Matchday 33: Wednesday, May 3

  • Monza x Roma
  • Juve vs. Lecce
  • Empoli vs. bologna
  • Udinese vs. Naples
  • Lazio vs. sassuolo
  • Atalanta x Spice
  • AC Mailand x Cremona
  • Sampdoria x Turin
  • Hellas Verona x Inter
  • Salerno x Florentines

Matchday 34: Sunday, May 7

  • Cremonese x Seasoning
  • Udinese x Samdoria
  • Sassuolo vs. bologna
  • Naples x Florentines
  • Turim x Monza
  • Empoli vs. Salernitana
  • Lece vs. Hella Verona
  • Milan x Lazio Rome
  • Atalanta vs. Juventus
  • Roma x Inter

Day 35: Sunday, May 14

  • Monza x Neapel
  • Florence vs Udinese
  • Spice x Milan
  • Salerno x Atalanta
  • Inter vs. sassuolo
  • Samdória vs. Empoli
  • Juventus x Cremona
  • Bologna vs Roma
  • Hellas Verona x Torino
  • Lazio vs. Lecce

Day 36: Sunday, 21

  • Atalanta welcomes Hellas Verona
  • Napoli x Inter
  • Sassuolo vs. Monza
  • Empoli vs. Juventus
  • Udinese vs. Wide
  • Lecce vs. Tempero
  • Turim x Florentines
  • rome vs. Salernitana
  • Milan x Sampdoria
  • Cremones vs. bologna

Matchday 37: Sunday, May 28

  • Bologna vs. Naples
  • Fiorentina x Rome
  • Samdória vs. sassuolo
  • Inter x Atalanta
  • Salerno vs. Udinese
  • Lazio vs. cremone
  • Juve vs. AC Mailand
  • Spice x Turim
  • Hellas Verona x Empoli
  • Monza vs. Lecce

Matchday 38: Sunday, June 4th

  • Atalanta x Monza
  • Sassuolo x Florentinos
  • Udinese vs. Juventus
  • Lece vs. bologna
  • Naples vs. Samdoria
  • Milan x Hellas Verona
  • Turim x Inter
  • Cremones vs. Salernitana
  • Empoli vs. Wide
  • Rome vs. Seasoning

Important dates for the Italian Serie A 2022/23 calendar

Serie A season beginsAugust 14
FIFA international breaksSeptember 19th to 27th, 2022
November 14 December 18 2022
March 20-28, 2023
Italian Super Cup FinalOpen
copa da italy finalMay 24, 2023
UEFA Europa League FinalMay 31, 2023
Serie A season endsJune 4, 2023
Final da UEFA Europa Conference LeagueJune 7, 2023
UEFA Champions League FinalJune 10, 2023

When will Inter face AC Milan in the Milan Derby 2022/23?

The most anticipated games of the year are the two classics between Inter Milan and AC Milan at the San Siro. After both clubs finished first and second last year, fierce battles between these two heated rivals are to be expected.

This year, the two teams will meet in Serie A at the weekendsunday, september 4with a reverse game on the weekend ofSunday, February 5.

This means that the two exciting games will be played at the start of each half of the season. They meet in the fifth round of the year and again just a month after returning from the World Cup break.

(Video) Juventus-Atalanta 3-3 | A six-goal thriller in Turin: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

When is the Inter vs Juventus Derby d'Italia 2022/23?

The Derby d'Italia, as the clashes between Inter and Juventus are known, is one of the most prominent clashes in Serie A, usually involving both teams in contention for the Italian title. Last season, a 1-0 victory for Inter in Turin helped set the stage for a devastating end to the year and helped Inter to a title shot in the end.

This year the two clubs meet in Turinsunday, november 6, with the return leg in Milan scheduled for the weekend ofSunday, March 19.

Inter have won three consecutive wins in all competitions (Inter also won the Coppa Italia final 4-2 on May 11), but in Serie A the division is level in the last six games, with two wins for Inter, two from Juventus and two by design.

(Video) HIGHLIGHTS | Italy v France | Drama at the end! | Six Nations Under-20s

When is Rome x Lazio DDerby of capitals 2022/23?

The Roma derby is one of the fiercest fights and, as love is never lost between the two clubs, it is often a thrilling spectacle on the pitch.

AS Roma welcome Lazio just weeks before the World Cup break at the weekendsunday, november 6, and Lazio host the second leg at the weekendSunday, March 19, on the same weekend as the second Derby d'Italia.

These two teams have even been dead in recent years, as neither team has won consecutive league games, as Roma won four games in a row in the 2014/15 and 2016/17 seasons. Indeed, their last six meetings in Serie A have resulted in two wins for Roma, two wins for Lazio and two draws.



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4. Sassuolo-Atalanta 1-0 | Laurienté stunner edges Atalanta: Goal & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23
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6. Napoli-Roma 2-1 | Simeone clinches late win for Napoli: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23
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