Lyrics of Walkem Down Lil Purk (2023)

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NLE Choppa - Walk Em Down lyrics
Walk down [Roddy Ricch:] Man, they posted me on the corner where the jays are Rolled up in the four-by-four, parked at the corner store And turned red in my drink, when I spilled soda I remember praying that The feds never they get the Motorola Choppa, they get the choppa, they push them back. They pay my dog ​​a penny to take you there. Need the backstage bitch

Lyrics by SlumpBoyz - Walk 'Em Down
SlumpBoyz Walk 'Em Down lyrics have been translated into 1 languages ​​Pull up n air ′em out Jump and walk with them Get dirty on the south side of town Translating money conspiracies Pick us up on the block We'll walk 'til the wheels fall off Four licks in one day, shi- we're not done

Lil Durk - Downfall Lyrics and Translations of the song.
Lil Durk Lyrics "Downfall" (feat. Lil Baby, Young Dolph) [Lil Durk:] You're my downfall, I hope you know. go do what you gotta sell that dog food and if you got a good bitch you gotta send her to law school

Walk Em Down (Don't Kill Civilians) [feat. Mustafa] by Metro Boomin feat. 21 Savage & Mustafa has been translated into 1 languages ​​We represent destruction, brother Death, chaos, murder and madness, brother You tempt me, you will die

The Lowz Pull Em Down Lyrics - Full text of the original song. official...
So baby let me yell at you You know what I'm trying to do I'm trying to fuck you and your team Only if it's okay with you Cause I'm not a rapist I said you're a freak, okay? let's record Don't run away from me, baby, take it Don't stop now, you're already naked, ha

(Video) Walkem Down

Lil Loaded - 6locc 6a6y (Remix) Letra
Walk up to them and drop (I did) Airlift, ASR rifle (Ayy) Hit 'em and chase 'em away Still down the street with the gang in that bitch Got my flag on the left and I leave it hanging (I leave it hanging) Draco bouncing to the right e left I like glizzy better 'cause I'm aiming Bag of shit, bullets mark it

G Herbo - Drill lyrics and translation of the song.
I have to cool the Glock because it's plastic. I have to keep an eye on the police, it gets drastic. I was in that field when shit got real. the head that was shooting and pointing back i hit it with the hitters i caught it with the chasers

Chorus: Willie and Loretta When they put me to bed someday My soul will soar and fly This old world will change I'll be at peace when I lay me down Loretta: This life isn't fair it seems It's full of tears and broken dreams There are no tears to go I'm trapped And I'll be at peace when they put me to bed Chorus: Willie and Loretta

Witt Lowry - Weak lyrics and translation of the song.
AZLyrics W Witt Lowry Album Lyrics: "If You Don't Like The Story Write Your Own" (2022) Doesn't Feel The Same Nights Like This Hometown Tiny Shiny Objects Fallen Weak How Fucked Up I Should Feel Happier Burn Out Of The Force Swimming hurts alone The war I'm afraid to fight somewhere If you don't like the story, write your own

lilrareboy - lyrics and translation of the song. Glim Team
I could say blahhhh (throw up) yeah I'm with my gang, yeah I got my brother slatt by my side, yeah he pulls up with a blat on our way to the bank, but he fattens our pockets with my gear. glim team glim team glim team glim with my team glim team glim team glim with my team glim team glim team glim...

NLE Choppa hazaña. Roddy Ricch - Walk Em Down (feat. Roddy Ricch) Lyrics ...
Last updated: March 20, 2021 Lyrics for Walk Em Down (feat. Roddy Ricch) by NLE Choppa feat. Roddy Ricch has been translated into 7 languages ​​CashMoneyAP Ooh, ooh, no, no NLE the Top Shotta

Lil Durk - When We Shoot Lyrics
Lil Durk Lyrics "When We Shoot" (Turn Me Up Josh) (Young Cutta run it up) I'm with demons, and yeah I admit it Get high too high, gotta flush my kidneys Niggas is bitches, gotta mind my own business Call the feds, they'll waste your minutes Look at these bitches, they'll do it for the picture Fuck four bitches, try to make me a stripper

(Video) walkem down- lil purk

Lil Durk - Stay Down lyrics
Stay down lyrics by Lil Durk. Subway DY Krazy! Fuck the other bitches that don't play with us Just five star shit, ain't it?

Walk Em Down lyrics and translation of the song. NLE Choppa feat. roddy rich
Ride with them, ride with them Nigga, they posted me on the corner where the J's Roll it up in a four-by-four, park at the corner store Look man, I turned red in my drink when I spilled the soda. Pray the feds never get the motorola choppa, get the chopper, turn 'em back

NLE Choppa - Chief Letra
Every time I'm sad she give me a perc for the police my gun in her bag oops stop put it on a bitch shirt we came into this world and we looking for murder grab her cap and it's word of Bobby Shmurda I deny. Watch your mouth, I'd hate to hurt you. You'd kill a perc, but you'd give yourself away when you're sober.

Go down to the river Come and let yourself in Keep a promise Never listen to you again If you're lost and alone You're broken Bring all your troubles Come leave them All the sinners And the faint of heart All the helpless on the boulevard Whatever you are now Whatever evil you you've found Bring all your troubles Come and leave them

Lil Durk feat. Yo Gotti - Money Walk Lyrics
Money Walk by Lil Durk feat. Hello Gotti. Yeah come up to me, nigga Gang, L Pour the drink, I'm just sippin' good while they roll...

Lil Gotit - Walk Down lyrics and translation of the song.
Lil Gotit Lyrics "Walk Down" (feat. CEO Trayle, Lil Double 0 & Biggz) Get down, it's Lil Double 0 and the Walk Down gang Yeah, it's YSL the business Get down, YSL [?] Slatt, slatt Yeah, we got C4, [?] in this motherfucker the back door kicker Yeah we got Lil Gotit in here We got Lil Biggz in that G5 too

Ayy, little brother of the cold, he's got two poles, bent Ayy, glizzy, that's my dog, he'll get you, he'll bite you Ayy, treat the opps like blunt, hit a cut, light 'em up, ayy. .. I knocked him out, and he's back in the hood, and we may have to speed up on the way back to B Money, we throw B, we get one of the G's, I'm doing your face...

Lyrics to "My Swisher Sweet, but my Sig Sauer"
Walk with them. Your fried ass, now it's in the pits. rewards. I heard they want my head. , we came for the cheese Please bitch, I said it once and now you gotta bleed (Ah-ah)

(Video) LIL PURK - Name In Blood (Shot by DeadFlyProductions)

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Water (Drowning Pt. 2) lyrics
My money gone, the rain hit my wrist, the water turned to ice Ho, you know I'm cheating, even when I'm wrong, bitch, I'm always right I go to New York for the jewelry, I go to North Miami for the Perky I put the remix on the verse, fucking three bitches on purpose, you heard me Richard Mille cost a half an ounce, in a hotel trying to bust a hustler

Ayy, take 'em straight to the ground, we make sure it don't get up (Damn E, this shit is exclusive) Call the reverend and his mom, tell 'em, "Come and get 'em" I'm knocking on you with that .40, asking: " Is my Glizzy bent?" Just like sloppy, she beatbox when she suck me (come on, come on)

Letra de NLE Choppa - Beat Box "First Day Out"
Ayy, take 'em straight to the ground, we make sure it don't get up (Damn E, this shit is exclusive) Call the reverend and his mom, tell 'em, "Come and get 'em" I'm knocking on you with that .40, asking: " Is my Glizzy bent?" Just like sloppy, she beatbox when she suck me (come on, come on)

Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE. Song lyrics
Bryson Tiller - "Self-Made" Woo yeah yeah yeah You already know Young Tiller Come on Gucci on my belt, I bought myself a necklace I bought myself Giseppe, I spent the blessings on me Donatello, that's a killer, I...

Watch my soul speak, let the meds speak, yeah If I kill a homie, it won't be the alcohol, yeah After all I'm the realest black, bitch be humble (Hey bitch) sit down. (Hey bitch, calm down bitch) be humble. (Hey bitch) sit down. (Sit down, calm down, bitch)

You say you got dicks, well bitch we got fire Fight fire with fire, bitch, you're going to die. Let's not let it go, bitch, we're spinning the tire Slide it so you think I'll let it slide Now slide it down we don't drive bys Got your clumsy clumsy ass ain't got wifi

Letra Chase Down (feat. Lil Bean,… -
I think we know, blood, my shooter cooked, point it, it will, blood, yeah, when my drool squirts, it's gonna catch something, I told it to clean you up, I guarantee it'll hit something homie, high speeds, we don't stop, fuck one once (fuck once) on billboards with the mob like the shore boss hoes (nigga), shake some if the...

The Foundations of Decadence Lyrics - musiXmatch
The foundations of decadence. Look at the man on the hill Dream of all the battles won But fate has left scars on her face. With all the damage they've done And so time, with age Turned the page Let flesh Submit to gravity Let our bodies lie Brand our hearts with shame Let our blood be in vain You find God in pain Now ...

(Video) Walk Em Down - Lil Purk SLOWED

SZA - Snooze lyrics and translation of the song.
I can't just take a nap and miss the moment. You're very important. Nobody does the body like you, you do it. In a convertible ride with you I feel like Scarface (Scarface) Like that white bitch with the long hair, I'll be your main (Your main) Let's take that discussion to my house (My house) Sex reminds you that I'm not Violent, I'm your first day (day...

Only The Family - Man Down lyrics
My little brother, he's a hot head, had to keep him around My momma don't want him in town, she told me, "Keep him away" Gunshots, man down I can't leave the crib without him, they ain't kidding I'm nobody, no there's no one around One wrong move and I'll kill you Suspect, suspect, suspect I've never been a victim of anything No homicide...

SZA - Low lyrics and translation of the song.
Sideways, I like to blow up But these bitches in my business left me with all the violence of choice If you see me in public, you don't know me, shut up In the bedroom, I'm yelling, but out there, I keep it quiet Keep it low, I'm the lowest of the lows I want to see if you can keep it up, nobody knows shit

SZA - Note Me lyrics and translation of the song.
Sit down and listen Finna boy take me to the beach now. I feel like me. Some lines need insurance. I don't like brothers. I can not stay. I don't need to be your girl, uh It's nice to just be your person, uh Oh, they try to be your girl

Big Scarr - Fantastic Lyrics
Talk softly about my name, they keep throwing salt (come on) Go get the bag, keep my name out of your mouth. Popped a young black man, I'm going straight south. Take it outside, I ain't shooting home (Nah) Diamonds on me, water wet like a fountain (Wet like a fountain) I could go find the plug in the mountains (Know the plug in the mountains)

17 cracking a P (On God) 18 starting to sell big with lil B Hundred bucks three and five, a D whip Riding in Glenwood, tank on E All about the money, never smoked weed Cool young nigga, still take your cheese (Pussy) It ain't mine, that bitch is for us (21) The gang is what I trust (Straight) Don't argue, we don't fight (Straight)

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