Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (2023)

Want to discover everything we know about Disney Wish Cabins?

We now have details on these amazing redesigned Disney Wish Cabins.

Disney Wish kabine

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (1)

We're told that the theme of Disney Wish is magic and this is certainly reflected in the subtle yet magical design of the cabins. Disney Wish cabins were inspired by classic Disney adventures.

Custom artwork, plush bedding, light wood tones and stunning bathroom designs make these cabins beautiful and relaxing.

How many Disney Wish cabins are there?

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (2)

We now know how many of each type of cabin there will be on Disney Wish.

As expected, the vast majority of Disney Wish cabins are located outside the cabins. This has been a trend in the industry for some time.

Very few interior cabins are available - only 10% of the total.

We can also see that Disney has dramatically increased the number of Concierge cabins to a total of 76.

  • 1254 cabins (includes 53 concierge cabins and 23 concierge suites)
  • 1,133 outdoor cabins (90%)
    • 948 veranda cabin (70%)
    • 185 cabins with sea view (20%)
  • 121 interior cabins (10%)

Within each of these categories, there will be a number of wheelchair accessible as well as a larger number of communication booths.

Disney Wish Standard Inside Cabins

There are only 121 interior staterooms on the Disney Wish. It looks like it will still have the virtual pane feature - but it will be larger than on the Fantasy and Dream.

The standard interior cabin will have 169 square feet of space. Each cabin can sleep 3 or 4 people.

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (3)

Unlike other Disney cruise ships, Wish has only one type of interior cabin. The others have Standard and Deluxe. Deluxe usually means a shared bathroom.

However, it appears that almost all cabins on the Disney Wish will have a separate bathroom - so there is no need to have more than one category of inside cabin.

Disney Wish Inside Staterooms will be categories 11A, 11B and 11C.

Category 11A cabins are located on decks 9, 10 and 11. Category 11B cabins are located on decks 6, 7 and 8.

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (4)

Cabins 11C will be on Deck 2. These cabins will be particularly suitable for the Oceaneer Club and It's A Small World Nursery.

(Video) Disney Wish Stateroom and Suite Tours - Including the Royal and Tower Suites

They are also just steps away from the Walt Disney Theater.

It will be interesting to see if guests experience more noise in these cabins.

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (5)

I'm sure Disney will use the most advanced technology to ensure this doesn't happen - but I suspect this is what we'll hear about as the deck 2 cabin shortcoming.

Some guests will love them for their convenience. Others will just avoid them!

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (6)
Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (7)
Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (8)


Disney Wish Deluxe Ocean View Cabin

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (9)

There will be a total of 185 ocean view cabins. These are likely to be in high demand as they offer exterior views, but will usually be priced lower than verandah cabins.

Like the inside cabins, there is only one category of outside cabins - Deluxe Oceanview. Each will have 213 square meters of space.

Disney Cruise cabins are known to be larger than the industry standard. They also have such a beautiful design that they feel even more spacious.

As we can see from this Disney concept art, the cabins are beautifully decorated in a Cinderella theme.

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (10)

All external cabins will be classified as category 9 and each will have a letter indicating their place in that category.

There are only 4 Category 9A staterooms on Disney Wish. They are 7008, 8008, 7506 and 8506.

There are 60 Category 9B staterooms and they are all located on Deck 2. Some will like them because they are so close to the Oceaneers Club and the nursery. Others will avoid them for exactly the same reason!

There are only 9 cabins of category 9C. 7006, 7504, 8000, 8002, 8004, 8006, 8500, 8502 and 8504.

7006, 8006, 7504 and 8504 are particularly large because they are located at the bow corner of the ship. This probably means that they have an interesting design and will be in high demand.

(Video) 13 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Going On My Disney Cruise

On deck 7 there are 7 cabins of category 9D. They are 6000, 6002, 6004, 6006, 6500, 6502 and 6504. On deck 7 they are 7000, 7002, 7004, 7500 and 7500.

It's hard to tell from the concept art how big the openings are. We're told Category 9d will have angled windows, so it's unlikely you'll be able to sit in them.

However, I imagine there will be just as many on the Disney Fantasy and Dream, where you can sit in the window. Well, you can anyway if you're under a certain size!

Each stateroom will have a 43" television. For those of us familiar with other Disney ships, you will notice that the location of the television has changed.

On the Disney Wonder, Magic, Dream and Fantasy, the television is on the corner of the bookcase.

This means that you can easily watch TV from both the bedroom and the living room. Since television will be significantly larger, I'm sure this will continue to be the case on Disney Wish.

All cabins have a beautiful heavy curtain that can divide the living and sleeping areas.

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (11)

Disney Wish Outside Stateroom Ultimate Guide

Deluxe ocean view cabin with veranda

There are 948 veranda cabins on Disney Wish. Some of them are Deluxe cabins with ocean view and veranda.

Each accommodates 3 or 4 people and has 243 square meters of space.

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (12)

There is plenty of storage space in all Disney Wish cabins. You can see in the picture above that there is plenty of space under the bed, this is ideal for storing large items such as suitcases.

As with other Disney ships, you do not need to bring your own hair dryer as there will be one in every cabin. This will be in one of the drawers you can see above.

What I like is that in that place the television is replaced by a light-up mirror. It's great to see a more thoughtfully designed dedicated toilet space.

I like that the chair now has no back, so it can be easily put away.

(Video) The GOOD and BAD of our BALCONY Cabin | Disney Wish Deluxe Family Verandah Stateroom


Deluxe family room with sea view and veranda

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (13)

These Deluxe Family Ocean View Cabins with Balcony are likely to be one of the most popular. They provide additional space, but most importantly, they can accommodate up to 5 guests.

They have 284 square meters of space, not including the veranda.

Deluxe family stateroom category 4A with ocean view and veranda will be located on decks 10 and 11. There will be 66 staterooms of this type on deck 10 and 50 on deck 11.

Category 4B Deluxe Family Ocean View Cabin with Veranda will be located on Decks 8 and 9. There are 64 on Deck 8 and 66 on Deck 9.

Deluxe Family Cabin Category 4C with Ocean View and Veranda will have 65 cabins on Deck 6 and 64 on Deck 7.

Category 4E cabins are likely to be those with white walled verandahs or blocked views - there aren't many in this category. Like all these small categories, probably cheaper, these will most likely be in demand among guests who don't mind a little compromise to save money.

Kabine 4E su 6196, 6696 i 6700. Na palubi 9 su 9182 i 9184. Na palubi 10 su 4E 10168, 10170 i 10668

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (14)

If you look closely at the photo above, you can see a folding Murphy bed on the right. This bed is for the 5th person and will be set up in the evening by your cabin attendant.

This is a good design because it makes excellent use of space during the day. The only downside is that if you want to get out on the porch before the person gets up in the morning, you literally have to climb over them!

Disney Cruise Line messages

One of those things that you really have to experience at least once in your life is sleeping in a bed on a Disney Cruise ship! They are simply the best.

Most Disney Wish cabin beds are queens (except in Concierge where you want a king).

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (15)

The Disney Wish bedding design is simply beautiful. A beautifully simple design, but to use a cliché, simply magical.

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (16)
Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (17)

Even the lamp has a subtle Mickey design.

(Video) Deluxe Family Stateroom with Verandah Room Tour - The Disney Wish, Disney Cruise Line

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (18)

It's also nice to see that there are 2 USB ports and power plugs on either side of the bed.

Now let's just hope that Disney Wish has improved internet and higher value internet packages!

Disney Wish kabinski krevet na kat

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (19)

Many Disney Wish cabins can accommodate up to 4 guests. All cabins have a sofa bed, so that a third guest can be accommodated.

But if your cabin has room for 4 people, then it will have an upper berth. When you get to your cabin, you might wonder where it is! Your cabin attendant will pull the bunk from the ceiling each night when he fills your room for the night.

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (20)

A particularly nice feature on Disney Wish is this Fairy Godmother light above the bunk bed. Make sure to keep the little ones mesmerized for a while.

Bathrooms in Disney Wish cabins

Most Disney Wish cabins will have the usual split bathroom design that was first on a Disney cruise.

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (21)

This means that there are two rooms. One has a toilet and a sink, the other has a bathtub with a shower above and an additional sink.

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (22)

All bathrooms on Disney Wish will have a bathtub. This is good news for everyone, especially those with small children.

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (23)

The Disney Wish bathrooms are beautifully contemporary with white subway tiles, modern fixtures and a stunning illuminated mirror.

Of course they want it to be very popularH2O toiletries.They no longer carry single packs of these - although I admit I may still have one or two in the bathroom at home.

More about Disney Wishes

Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know (24)

There is so much to discover about Disney Wish! The latest revelation has given us even more details about this new Disney cruise ship.

Learn all aboutDisney Wish restoraniit is planned. And discover the fantastic new design and its benefitsDisney Wish Concierge.


Disney Wish cabins - what you need to know? ›

4A are in the best spot on Decks 10 and 11, while the others are a little further away from the open decks. 4E staterooms on Disney Wish are located at the aft of the ship on Decks 6, 9 and 10. These have huge balconies and views over the aft.

Which deck is best for stateroom on Disney Wish? ›

4A are in the best spot on Decks 10 and 11, while the others are a little further away from the open decks. 4E staterooms on Disney Wish are located at the aft of the ship on Decks 6, 9 and 10. These have huge balconies and views over the aft.

Can you bring water on Disney Wish? ›

You can certainly bring your own bottled water onboard. This must be a carry-on item, and bottles must be factory sealed.

What mattress do they use on the Disney Wish? ›

The mattresses are custom-made by Biscayne Bedding. Guests who live in the United States may order a mattress directly from them and have it shipped to their house.

Does the Disney Wish feel crowded? ›

Between its guests and crew, Disney Wish carries 5,500 people. Although the capacity of the ship is roughly on par with Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, Disney Wish doesn't seem to handle the crowds the way the other ships can.

What is the best floor to stay on on a Disney cruise? ›

Personally, when we sail I like to be on either Deck 9 or Deck 10. We enjoy the quick access to the outdoor spaces and elevated views in each port of call. I have sailed with other guests who prefer to sail on the lower decks for more convenient access to the youth clubs and restaurants.

Is forward or aft better on Disney Wish? ›

Comparing Aft, Mid and Forward on a Disney Cruise

You'll feel the most movement on the Forward of the ship. If you're prone to seasickness, you may want to avoid the front of the ship.

Is soda free on Disney Wish? ›

And it's all free? Well, no. Most soft drinks are free at the pool deck dispensers, in the buffet restaurant (Marceline Market on the Wish, Cabanas everywhere else), and in the main dining rooms. You're welcome to get free refills at these locations as often as you want in whatever quantity you desire.

Is bottled water free on Disney cruise? ›

Soft drinks are included at no extra cost with meals, while additional charges apply for bar drinks, beer, wine and bottled water. There is no charge for soft drinks at the Beverage Station on Deck 9 of the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder.

Is it cold on Disney cruise ship? ›

As much as we're sure Disney would like to, they don't control the weather. Depending on when and where you sail, you're likely to find that temperatures on cooler weather itineraries average in the 40s-60s during the day – you're unlikely to encounter anything truly frigid during any DCL trip.

What shampoo is on the Disney Wish? ›

The shower stall has multi-use bottles of H2O brand shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The shower head can be removed from the wall and the height of the head can be adjusted. There is retractable clothesline that can be extended as a place to dry swimsuits or other damp items.

Does the Disney Wish have split bathrooms? ›

Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom

Category 8 | Sleeps 4-5 | 237 sq. ft. Queen bed, single convertible sofa, upper berth single pull-down bed (if sleeping 5). A “split bath:” a bathroom with a vanity, sink, tub with glass door and a half bathroom with a vanity sink and toilet.

Does the Disney Wish have hair dryers in the rooms? ›

A hair dryer is provided in every stateroom for your convenience, but you may bring your own as long as it meets the guidelines above. Please review this list of prohibited items before you pack for your cruise.

Can you hug characters on Disney Wish? ›

Since April 18th, 2022, guests have been able to approach characters, hug them, request autographs, and take pictures without a mask requirement or physical distancing measures.

How early can you board the Disney Wish? ›

Typically, the earliest port arrival time for a Disney Cruise Line sailing is 11:00 a.m., though this could vary slightly.

Is Deck 10 on Disney Wish noisy? ›

If you have a stateroom on Deck 10, Midship, you'll be just a short elevator or stair climb to the pool deck and beverage station! Yum! The noise coming from the pool deck will be loudest during the most crowded hours of the day but there's a chance you will be up and around the pool deck, yourself, during these hours!

Are Disney cruises cheaper through Costco? ›

Is Costco Worth It to Book Disney? Costco frequently offers Disney trips at a lower price than Disney directly or through a Disney travel agency. However, there are significant downsides to booking with Costco. The packages offered by Costco are less flexible than those provided by Disney or Disney travel agencies.

What is the quietest deck on a Disney cruise? ›

Deck 7 of the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy is one of the more quiet decks on these two Disney Cruise Line ships and is popular with seasoned cruisers. There are no public gathering areas above or below this deck, so noise is minimal for any stateroom located here.

Which deck is best on cruise ship? ›

The higher the deck, the better and, often, more panoramic the view. Cabins on top decks aren't always the best on the ship, but many suites and specialty cabin categories are typically located on upper decks.

What part of the ship is best on a Disney cruise? ›

What is the Best Side of a Disney Cruise Ship? If you sail out of Port Canaveral and stop at Castaway Cay, the starboard side is the best side of a Disney cruise ship because it faces the beach of Port Canaveral, where you can wave to everyone on the beach as the ship sets sail.

What is Category 5C on Disney Wish? ›

Category 5B: Decks 8 and 9. Category 5C: Decks 6 and 7. Category 6A: Decks 8 and 9. Category 6B: Decks 6 and 7. Category 7A: Decks 6, 7, 8 and 9 – this category has some obstructions to your ocean view from the verandah.

Can I bring my own cup on Disney Cruise? ›

Feel free to bring your Yeti stainless steel travel mug or other travel mug with you to use onboard the ship. There are certainly disposable cups and lids available at the drink stations for those who don't have a reusable cup, but you will see many guests with their own travel mugs, just for convenience.

Can I bring a case of water on a Disney Cruise? ›

Luckily, Disney Cruise Line makes it easy. You are more than welcome to bring bottled water with you on board. It must be unopened and packed in your carry-on luggage only.

What food is not included on a Disney Cruise? ›

What is Not Included on a Disney Cruise? Disney cruises do not include specialty adult-only dining, some special desserts, alcoholic drinks, bar food, tips or gratuities, movie snacks, specialty coffees, personal training, spa treatments, excursions, photos, or transfers.

How much is a 16oz beer on Disney Cruise? ›

Disney Cruise Line does offer a beer mug program you may be interested in. The 22 oz. mug (around $15.00 to $16.00) gets filled for the price of a 16 oz. draft beer (around $7.00), so it can save you a little if you plan to drink beer throughout the sailing.

What time is breakfast on Disney Cruise? ›

Seating Times: Breakfast: 7:30 - 9:30 AM, Lunch: Noon - 2 PM, Dinner: Early Seating: 5:45 PM; Late Seating: 8:15 PM. Dress: Cruise Casual for most locations (no swimwear or tank tops); 3 and 4-night cruises: On optional dress-up night, jacket for men and dress or pantsuit for women recommended.

How many bags can I bring on a Disney Cruise? ›

The luggage allowance for Disney Cruise Line is two suitcases per person. These suitcases will be checked in with the luggage porters at the port and will arrive in your stateroom on the day of embarkation. You will receive two luggage tags per guest in your travel party for this checked baggage prior to setting sail.

Is there a fridge in Disney Cruise Staterooms? ›

In fact, there are refrigerators in every stateroom on every Disney cruise ship in the fleet! These stateroom standards are a nice size for keeping medicine, water, wine, beer, soda, or room service leftovers fresh during your sailing.

What toiletries do Disney cruises provide? ›

When on a Disney Cruise, you will enjoy H2O products in the shower. There are full size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash so you can keep those items off your packing list! You will also find hand soap at each sink, so you are all set there as well.

Can you hug Disney characters on Disney Cruise? ›

Disney has confirmed that ALL character meet-and-greets on Disney cruise ships will return to normal by August 29th, 2022. That means you'll be able to hug the characters and ask for their autographs once again.

Can you bring Tylenol on Disney Cruise? ›

You are welcome to bring medications onboard but keep them in their original bottles/containers. I suggest keeping anything liquid in a plastic bag that seals tight just in case of any spills. The bottles do not need to be factory sealed.

Does Disney Wish have robes? ›

What a treat to wrap up in a cozy robe as you prepare for a massage or for a relaxing afternoon in the Rainforest Room. Now that's a great way to spend time on vacation! For guests who are sailing in a Concierge stateroom or suite, robes and slippers are provided to enjoy during the cruise.

Does Disney Wish have laundry? ›

Disney Wish Full Service Laundry Services

Full service laundry service is also available. You will find a laundry bag and the following laundry service order form in your stateroom's closet. Onboard dry cleaning is one of my things about cruising.

Why are there no mirrors in Disney bathrooms? ›

No, the theme park didn't forget to install mirrors in the bathroom facilities, but instead made the tactical decision to remove them to help keep the lines flowing, according to Apartment Therapy.

How many pools are in Disney Wish? ›

On the new Disney Wish there are SIX pools for families. These pools vary in size and depth. Plus there is a wading pool at the front of the ship. Starting on deck 11 the Mickey's Pool and Minnie's Pool are the largest pools.

Does the Disney Wish have a lazy river? ›

Awash in "immersive" show scenes, music, lighting and special effects, this fun-filled water experience invites Disney fans to glide up, down, around and off the side of the ship through 760 feet of twisting tubes—providing breathtaking views of the ocean—before splashing down into a lazy river.

Does Disney Wish have refrigerators? ›

The staterooms on board the Disney Wish offer a number of USB and USB-C port near the desk and both sides of the bed. Over at the desk/vanity you will find a mini-drawer refrigerator.

What do you have to pay for on the Disney Wish? ›

The fee also includes onboard activities and entertainment. On the Wish ship, there are multiple pools, movie showings, interactive games, musical performances, character meet-and-greets, a gym, a recreation center, and Broadway-level theater productions each night, among other amenities.

Is there a hot tub on Disney Wish? ›

Senses Spa on Disney Wish

In addition to the standard treatment rooms, the Senses Spa also features the first ice lounge aboard a Disney cruise ship, along with an oversized hot tub, heated ceramic loungers, and soothing relaxation areas.

What deck level is best on a cruise ship? ›

The best deck on a cruise ship to avoid seasickness is the lowest passenger deck. This is because the top of a ship sways from side to side much more than the bottom. To avoid motion sickness, choose a cabin close to the waterline.

What is the best stateroom location on a cruise? ›

You want to be as close to the pivot point as possible to feel the least movement. Avoid cabins near the front (bow) or back (stern) and on decks higher than the middle deck of the ship. So, on a ship with fourteen passenger decks, your best options are below deck seven.

What is the best deck level on a Carnival cruise ship? ›

Lower deck: The lower deck is the best deck on a cruise ship if you want to be one of the first off the ship, exploring all the fun at each port of call.

Where is the best stateroom on a ship? ›

The nicest and most expensive cabins on any ship are generally on the highest decks. That typically means just below the pool deck. However, the pool deck is often the loudest during the day (and often well into the night).

Is it better to have a cabin at the front or back of a cruise ship? ›

The back of the ship tends to be considered the next best cabin position after midships. Whilst the front of the ship gets the most movement the back also does get some. Whilst it's nowhere near as bad as the front of the ship, you may still notice some movement in rough seas.

Is it better to be higher or lower on cruise ship? ›

For passengers looking to enjoy views, especially the scenery in the wake of a ship, we recommend higher decks and the back of the vessel. The higher you pick, the farther you'll see. If you're after views, the best room on a cruise ship will be a balcony cabin at the ship's rear end.

Is it better to stay on the upper or lower deck of a cruise ship? ›

The higher the deck, the better and, often, more panoramic the view. Cabins on top decks aren't always the best on the ship, but many suites and specialty cabin categories are typically located on upper decks. Like to be near all the action? Most mega-ships place their lido (pool) areas on higher decks.

Is it worth it to upgrade to a balcony on a cruise? ›

Balcony cabins on cruise ships are more spacious due to the outside space. They have spectacular ocean views, fresh sea air, and a private seating area. Although these cabins are more expensive, the rewards of a private balcony sometimes outweigh the cost. If it fits within your budget, balcony cabins are worth it!

Is it better to pay gratuities on a cruise? ›

Benefits of Prepaying Gratuities

The biggest advantage is simply getting the charge out of the way. By paying the charge at the same time you pay your cruise, it's one less cost that will hit your onboard account while you are cruising. Another advantage is that cruise lines regularly raise gratuity amounts.

Is it better to be on the left or right side of a cruise ship? ›

The truth, though, is this: There's no “better” side of the ship. It doesn't matter where you're going, or what river you're sailing on, or even what ship you're sailing aboard. Both sides of the ship are created equal.

Do cruises get cheaper closer to sail date? ›

Cruise prices do not get cheaper closer to the sailing date in all cases. Cruise prices are usually the cheapest furthest from the sailing date when first launched or 60-90 days before the cruise sets sail. The prices of some cruises will decrease last minute but this doesn't always happen.

Can you sleep on the balcony of a cruise ship? ›

Can You Sleep on a Cruise Ship Balcony? There are no rules that say that passengers on cruise ships can't sleep on their balconies. That said, cruise lines do generally advise against it. Despite this many people enjoy sleeping on their balconies and you won't have any problem doing so if you want to.

Is the lowest deck on a cruise ship bad? ›

Deck 1, or whatever the lowest deck is on a cruise ship that has staterooms, is not a prime location. If it is below the waterline, you are limited to Inside staterooms only. And if it's above the waterline, you will still at best have an ocean view only, and the view won't be great when you're so low down.

Where is the quietest room on a cruise ship? ›

Light sleepers, take note: The best place to be if you want the best chance of not being bothered by noise is a cabin that is surrounded by other cabins. This means a cabin that has a cabin directly above it and a cabin directly below it, as well cabins on both sides.

What is the safest room in the ship? ›

' In terms of ships, a citadel refers to a room where the crew of the ship can hide in case there is a pirate attack on the ship or when the pirates are aboard the ship.

What floor is best on a cruise ship for motion sickness? ›

What's the best stateroom location to avoid motion sickness on a cruise? To reduce motion sickness, choose a stateroom in the middle of the ship on a lower deck. You will feel any sway of the ship less in this section.


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