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I'm also going.I correct some errors in English that I made before BC English is not my first language.

But anyway, let's start!

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First, I want to bring the appointment that arouses great importance in the game.When the guard -Chuva gave Charlotte the tape, he says that "we are born colorless and people bring us color," means that average colorConnectionwith other people.

Let's start with the color that could analyze very quickly, because it is only reflected in one character:


Red can be associated with love and passion, but when used in excess, it can be linked to danger and violence.And most importantly: red is associated withsangreThe only character that is extremely associated is red isScarlett Eyler.

With monochromatic eyes and clothes, its tape and hair color emphasizes the red color.And as I said before, when red is used too much, it can be associated with danger and violence.

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In the true kingdom, Scarlett Eyler was literally the worst nightmare of Charles.

And not only that.Lembra when I said red related to red?Well ... Scarlett Eyler was a sister who was not born Charles.He died inside Lilith's uterus.It does not have a physical image.Then, Scarlett was more associated with the blood.

Now, we go to the next color:

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Yellow is mainly associated with happiness, optimism and positivity. But psychologically, yellow also makes people more analytical and critically think about themselves and others.


Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (4)

Although -whose -chuva and Charles are more associated with black, yellow can also be predominant.As both are observers of the game.A bright yellow can be associated with "warning", which explains why each character possessed that they receive ayellow -eyed.

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (5)

Now let's enter the three most important colors in the games. First of them:


Black can be associated with mystery and unknown.And negatively, black can symbolize death and evil. But the most important thing, black is the color that absorbs light.

With full black clothes with black hair, Charles is one of the characters that are mainly associated with darkness throughout the game.The contrast between white and black really emphasizes the game, especially for the story of the Princess of Ink.

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (6)

Now I want to jump on the subject to talk about the relationship between the princess and the story of Charles.It is casually designed as paint as ink.

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"Every morning he wore a black ink dress and combed her black hair." Please leave these lands!Don't you see that everything is dying? The peasants begged the princess."

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (7)

The ink, in Hello Charlotte, is associated with corruption and, consequently, with death.

Charlotte, due to the oracle in his head, takes the cough with paint.That relates a bit to black.And since black is a color that absorbs all the light, the association with paint is simple.

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (8)

When we talk about mystery and unknown, we arrive at the most mysterious character in the games:Seth Eyler/Liever ParaguayWhat color palette coincides with Charles,But it has different meanings.

The man -guard -chuva can be associated with the interpretation of the black color that also corresponds to power and evil.

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (9)

And not only he, in fact.Its (almost) full black sprite is similar to V19 for a reason.Babies are powerful characters who carry mystery and malice in their development, so they have almost the same sprites.

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (10)

Now, I will mention a color that I did not analyze at that time and I regret completely, since it is also one of the most important colors of the game:


Gray is a mixture between black and white.According to color psychology, gray media"Neutrality and balance".It can be a reliable and stable color, but in negative circumstances, it can meanLoss and depression.

In the end Gray in Hello Charlotte EP2, she shows a Vincent who "turned like any other person" after he lost his mind.Then, Vincent's real face is the show before his death.

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (11)
Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (12)

Became therealVincent, oimperfectVincent.oneutralVincent.And not thePure whiteVincent Charles Tiende to idolize.
That resembles the Vincent shown in the true kingdom in Hello Charlotte EP3, which has gray hair and the color of the eyes.

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (13)

The reason why Etherane changed the color of the hair and the eyes of the true version of its true income is unknown,

(I mean, the color of the hair and the eyes of Vincent also change at the door of heaven, so I cannot say if that was just a design option if there was something more involved)

But as both colors are still considered "gray" in Pantone (changed something similar to gray gray for gray violet), the meaning of the design choice may not have changed.

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Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (14)

At the end of gray, it is shown that Vincent's soul cube is also gray, which means that it can be the color that represents it.Like the other soul cubes may have probably been white (by describing an unused cube element)

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (15)
Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (16)

Therefore, even if Vincent was constantly associated with pure and perfect target, Charles knew deeply that Vincent was a balanced gray.Human, imperfect but also reliable, mature and quiet.That we saw about him.

In addition, Vincent is the character that Charles saw several times, in the true kingdom and the false kingdom, which revived is a trauma about his loss repeatedly.Then, Vincent's melancholy and the loss of Charles can be associated with the gray color.

Now, the best for the last.The color that mainly describes the development of games.


White is the color that symbolizes cleaning, purity and innocence and even perfection. When we talk about white, two characters appear instantly in our minds: C and Q84.

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (17)
Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (18)

We bring what the Guardian man said -Chuva: "We are born uncolusously colorless. These are the people we find that give us color."Then the color is associated with the connections.

Each charlotte is born totally white.Like your hair and eyes.Scarlotte received the yellow color with the tape presented for her.

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However, let's talk about Q84.She was intimidated throughout her life (as Charlotte was designed to be), and the only characters that should bring her joy, constantly trying to kill her.With pain.For this color = pain.

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (19)

This guy explains the design of the aggressors.A colorful disaster that resembles visual pollution in some way.

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (20)
Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (21)

With this, she says "it will not be ugly colors" and was obsessed with the white color.Thing that extended the white flu to create a white -based service.

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (22)

Now, this will be pure speculation, but the great presence of white in the games and in some characters can be a manifestation of Charles's mycophobia, since white can mean cleaning and purity.

And so, let's talk about C.

First, I want to point out that the color of hair C is brighter in the false kingdom due to the perception of Charles, as I explained when talking about gray color.Of other colors in his design is the yellow color of the eyes (due to the possession of Charles) and the bruises on his face caused by the aggressors.The only two connections he has achieved.

Color symbolism in Hello Charlotte - An analysis (23)

Anyway, despite the meaning of "perfection" and "purity", white can also mean "cold" and "distant". From the perspective of Vincent de Charles, it was perfect, pure and almost similar to God.But he was still distant from him.The image of C was far from its reality.

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And these meanings can also be related to Q84.Reward to connect with people, Q84 is untouchable, very perfect and distant from others.That is why it is the only charlotte with a white and white scheme, white exaggeration can symbolize these negative aspects.

With that, I finish my analysis.
Thanks for reading until the end!I wrote most of them almost 2 years ago and, while I have been studying graphic design and color theory, I decided to visit this topic again and publish it here.
Well, have a good day for everyone!<3


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