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ASMR Reiki is one of my favorite types of ASMR as it uses manyvisual ASMR Triggerswhich I always find so relaxing at night - visual ASMR is always something that always puts me in the right mood to relax and sleep and I think you'll agree after watching some of these videos on this list.

But before I tell you what the best ASMR Reiki videos are, I'm going to tell you what Reiki is and why it's so effective in getting me and many other people who use this spiritual and physical healing spirit up at night offset.

What is Reiki Healing?

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Known as Reiki healing, rather than just Reiki, it is alternative medicine, specifically known as energy healing.

Through the use of hand movements or the touch of the hands (the skin), practitioners heal the patient through the universal energy where the two meet.

By transmuting a better energy, the practitioner is able to affect the patient's mood and promote a better mental and physical state through healing.

As you can imagine, this doesn't work miracles, but it has worked for me personally - even if I only experienced it on a video on the Internet.

The best ASMR Reiki videos the ASMR community has to offer.

Now that you know a little more about Reiki and Reiki healing you should now be able to understand why it is so widely practiced in the ASMR community as it uses lots of hand gestures and positivity to promote a better state of mind - like how personal attention ASMR eliminated.

Also, let's check out the best ASMR Reiki videos our YouTube community has to offer to an endless number of viewers who want to be positively influenced by your actions - by using a combination of auditory and visual triggers along with their own Personality. unique.

(Video) (4 HOURS) Healing Reiki ASMR

1. ASMR Reiki Draw - ASMR Glow

One of the first ASMR Reiki videos I ever saw (before I even knew what the heck it was) was byASMR brightness– and it was a truly magical experience.

I don't consider myself a spiritual person so things like "energy" and "energy healing" often get lost on me, but I couldn't help but feel so relaxed and "free" after watching the video - it really felt that way my negative energy was gone thanks to her.

Combining the pulling hand gestures with his usual impressive mouth sounds, along with plenty of breath sounds and jewelry, this is sure to become a video I keep coming back to whenever I feel like taking some weight off my shoulders.

Personally one of my absolute favorite videos from ASMR Glow.

2. Reiki ASMR by Madi ASMR

I really like the instructional videos where the ASMRtist almost walks you through what they do - I find it super relaxing and I think it really works with ASMR Reiki.

This video fromMadi ASMRIt combines all the great things that Glow does in her video, except there is more guidance on the way she speaks - so I'd say this video is made by me and everyone who loves the combination of ASMR sounds and ASMR visuals. Like triggering is preferred.

She also gets very close to the camera which makes it very, very personal, but I think it works for this type of ASMR since Reiki healing in the real world is a personal experience between you and the practitioner.

There is almost a level of confidence here as it becomes more comfortable knowing that she is doing her best to influence positive energy rather than a negative source.

Overall, if you want a more personal experience than other Reiki videos on this list, I would especially watch this ASMR video because the combination of Madi's voice will leave you feeling more than relaxed and free of negative energy by the end.

(Video) Reiki ASMR 4 Hour Compilation 8 Sessions of Soothing Sleep & Relaxation No Ads Mid/Post Roll CC/Sub

3. ASMR eliminates negative vibrations - Marno ASMR

Another great ASMR Reiki move, especially if you're into a more masculine voice - although I don't really like that in the ASMR videos I watch, I think this video is from thereMarno ASMRIt really is something that everyone can enjoy as it is super calming.

The last 2 videos on this list were a little serious in terms of RPGs but Marno kind of makes fun of that particular negative energy pull which I think works really well - for example it just suits his personality but why? it works? to remove negative vibrations.

How can you be so negative when this idiot just makes you laugh and smile with the stupid things he says in this video and in my experience every other video on his channel.

As with many ASMR Reiki videos, this one contains a variety of mouth sounds and "trigger" words (not sure if these would classify as trigger words, but he says pretty random things in this video that you might like) combined with ASMR personality add-ons, ASMR visual and ASMR sounds to create a great video for anyone who wants to be put into a much more relaxed state.

4. The Innate Moon - Reiki Session

This is a little unconventional for the typical people I promise on these types of lists as I don't believe The Lune INNATE is actually an ASMRist but what I do know is that she is trained in the art of Reiki healing is; which means that the experience is quite realistic when receiving this form of medicine in real life.

With a super nice low light, minimal talking and lots of hand movements, this is a great video for anyone who wants to sleep soundly - due to the low tones you will hear at all times.

And if you are a spiritual person (unlike me) maybe this is a YouTuber you can browse for other types of videos as well.

But getting back to the video itself, I think it's great for anyone who wants to get in the right emotional state to sleep, relax, or do anything that makes them uncomfortable, whether it's with friends or an interview.

Final Thoughts on ASMR Reiki Videos

4 ASMR Reiki Videos to Help You Relax | sparkling ASMR (2)
(Video) Reiki ASMR Healing Session Reiki Master #4 Lay back & relax! Tingles Whispers Hand Movement

ASMR Reiki drawing is amazing.

Even for someone as unspiritual as I am, I think every time I watch one of these videos, a lot of weight is lifted from me - using a combination of traditional ASMR sounds and lots of hand gestures to create a visually mesmerizing video to create.

These are by far some of my favorite types of ASMR out of anything available on the internet today.

Maybe I should delve more into this spiritual thing...


Thank you for reading,

Sweet Dreams.


Sidney Smith

I have been experimenting with ASMR for the last 5 years and have written about it for the last 2 years. This site is both a place for me to write about ASMR and a tool for me to learn more about it - and of course to try it. Shed light on what ASMR is so we can grow this community even more!

(Video) ASMR Reiki for Mornings | Energy alignment to start your day right

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