17 best toys for 5 month olds to boost their development in 2022 (2023)

If you have a 5-month-old baby at home, we've compiled a list of the best toys for 5-month-olds to help you out. Your baby has grown a little in these few months and is already able to hold a toy, talk and move objects. So they need to pick up and watch toys to improve their muscle strength and attention span. In addition, the bright colors, sounds, and textures of a toy can stimulate your child's senses. Our list includes fun and hands-on toys to help your baby reach their developmental milestones. So read on to learn more about the different toys available to choose the one that fits your child's needs.

17 best toys for 5 month old babies in 2022

1. Best toy to develop tactile senses: Bright Starts Snuggle & Teethe Toy

This cuddly, all-purpose elephant is good for holding and sleeping and helps soothe your baby's sore gums. Before purchasing, watch this video for more details.

Soft fabric helps keep baby comfortable Gathered fabric around the body encourages tactile development Textured feet help soothe gums Easy to clean with a damp cloth and soap


May bleed when washed. May be big for some babies

2. Best Soft Body Toy: Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy

A rattle semen soft toy with a teether, this toy can become anything your baby wants. Plus, it comes in a variety of characters so you can choose the one your baby likes best. Benefits

Soft body lets baby play with ease Rattles encourage baby's auditory development Removable bandana teether lets parents wear the toy as a wristband PVC-free and phthalate-free Attaches easily to a stroller or car seat


Teething sites can be difficult for some babies. The ring can easily fall off

3. Best Textured Grip Toy: Bright Starts Rattle and Shake Barbell Toy

This rattle toy can easily attract your mischievous demon's attention and help him calm down when he's crying. Benefits

The colorful body makes it a visual treat for babies. The clear rattle with colored beads aids in visual recognition. The textured handle is easy to grip and soothes sore gums. Children's mirror and beads on rattle reflect light


Plastic beads can collect water when washed. Cannot be sterilized

4. Best Soft Tooth Surface Toy: The First Grade Rattle

A hit with most parents, this rattle toy is a great way to introduce your sweetheart to cute toys. Its soft body is designed for babies to play with easily. Benefits

(Video) 5 Toys To Accelerate Fine Motor Skill Development

Provides a soft teething surface to relieve teething pain. The soft body is easy to grip and hold. Bright colors encourage visual tracking. Multi-structured toy with high-contrast patterns


It can be huge for some babies. Babies may find the texture a little rough

5. Best Toy to Soothe Children's Sore Gums: Bamboo Baby Tooth Toy Extraordinaire

This teether offers the perfect texture to soothe your baby's sore gums. It is available in different colors. Watch this video for more details before purchasing. Benefits

Made of soft, food-grade silicone. The thin, long pieces easily reach baby's gums. One-piece design prevents bacterial growth. Texture neither too hard nor too soft. BPA, PVC and lead free


May form a white film when washed in the dishwasher. Antennas that break down over time can pose a choking hazard

6. Best stroller and crib toy: Baby Einstein Star Bright Symphony Toy

Babies can be restless when traveling or in a new environment. In that case, a musical toy can help keep the little one busy and happy. Benefits

Cute smiling star plays lots of classic tunes Flashes soft lights to attract baby's attention Comes with a strap that attaches to a stroller, crib, or car seat Easy-grip body Easy teething


Color may fade over time Lights may have a strobe pattern which may be too intense for some babies

7. Best eco-friendly toy: MerVeilleux cartoon plush soft plush rattle

The set includes an elephant rattle stick and a lion rattle stick made of high quality short velvet fabric and filled with eco-friendly polypropylene cotton. These soft, squeezable rattles provide the necessary warmth a baby craves. Benefits

Easy-grip body Squeaking ears make noises to attract baby's attention Tail hums when squeezed, helping to teach cause and effect. Suitable for gift giving


(Video) 23 Developmentally Beneficial Toys That Aren't Boring (For 1 Year Olds)

May only have a faint sound May not attract the child's attention

8. Best Toy to Stimulate Visual Senses: Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym

This fitness set includes a tummy tuck, a peep mirror, a play mat and a toy arch that contains dangling toys for your baby's entertainment. Before purchasing, watch this video for more details.

Made of polyester Easy to fold and store Removable toys make rattling sounds Includes a BPA-free teether Printed blanket and colorful toys stimulate baby's visual senses


Possibly not padded enough. May be prone to tearing over time

9. Best Multisense Developmental Toy: Gizmovine 10 Piece Baby Toy Rattle Set

Rattles help develop multiple senses in babies. This rattle set can keep your baby busy for a long time. Benefits

Made of lightweight, non-toxic, BPA-free material. Colorful rattle beads make sounds to attract baby's attention. Rattles are easy to clean and store. Toys are easy to hold and have smooth edges.


Not suitable for babies to chew May mold over time

10. Best BPA Free Teething Toy: RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether

Teethers are a must for five-month-old babies. Teething is a painful time for babies and that's why this hands-free teething toy is designed to relieve toddler pain. Benefits

Made from food grade silicone. BPA free. Multi-textured handle designed for easy baby grip. Can be refrigerated to provide additional gum pain relief


May be big for some babies

11. Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Bug

This cute pet plays music and rocks when your baby wants it. Its detachable velcro allows your baby to hold and play with it.Advantages

(Video) The 4 Best Toys For Gross Motor Skill Development

Comes with two clack rings and a child-proof peep mirror. Plays music when the toy's head is pulled. Attachable to strollers and cribs. BPA free


Colors may not be strong enough. The Velcro used on this toy may not be strong enough.

12. Tiny Love Meadow Days Mobile para ir

The Meadow Days Take-Along Mobile with Spinning Toy is a great take-along toy. Attach the mobile to your baby's crib or stroller and keep them entertained

Spinning toys help develop baby's vision. Play five different songs for 30 minutes. Comes with a velcro strip to attach it to an infant stroller. Features a large cradle to attach to a stroller


Does not come with volume control. Babies may find the toy heavy.

13. Baby Einstein roller pillar activity ball toy


The balls help explore lights, sounds, real images and multiple textures. Helps develop fine motor skills. Stimulates crawling. BPA free


Spinning the activity balls may take more effort. Spinning the ball may not be suitable for babies who like to chew

14. Taf Toys In-Car Game Center

Driving with a child in the backseat is no child's play. But if your child has an attractive play center in the car, your ride can become much more relaxed. Benefits

Includes a baby-safe curved mirror and a toy. With adjustable velcro straps and plastic rings. The car toy is easy to hang by fixing it on the headrest. Hanging toys include a sizzling frog, rattle flower and a jingle ball


(Video) What Every Parent Needs to Hear About Baby Push Walkers

The mirror can be difficult to position. May not be compatible with certain headrests

15. Summer Infant SuperSeat Deluxe Giggles Island 3-Stage Positioner

Don't think of this pink seat as an ordinary piece of plastic furniture. It is a multifunctional seat that can help you and your baby. Benefits

The three-in-one seat doubles as a booster seat, activity seat and booster seat, a detachable snack tray with two cup holders


Parents may find it difficult to single out the child

[Read: Babyhug Raise Me Up "Booster Seat]

16. BeeSpring Kid Stroller Rattles

Keeping your baby busy with a toy is important if you want to travel with peace of mind. This cart hanging rattle fits most carts, keeping your little angel busy while you run errands. Benefits

The clasp is made of non-toxic soft fabric. It can also be played without hanging. Helps develop baby's grasping skills. colorful vibrant pattern


Some may find that the chords are too short. Stuffing may come out over time.

17. Taf Toys Baby Tummy Time Kissen

When your cute baby is trying to balance on his tummy, this soft pillow can help him stay awake longer and stronger. If your baby is a pre-crawler, you can do him a big favor by purchasing this pillow. Benefits

Includes a removable teether and rattle toy Encourages fine motor skills Made from ultra-soft fabric Helps build leg, arm and neck muscles


May not have enough padding May lack firmness

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